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Our Philosophy

About Magical Moments

To Infinity and Vacation

Few things light up your life like a good trip. Traveling reminds us to broaden our horizons, and to see the world for the incredible place that is.

Through Magical Moments Vacations, I help adventure seekers and families take the trips they've always wanted to go on. I pride myself on providing attentive, personalized service, and on creating custom experiences that speak to your curiosity and passions.

Whether you want to unlock the secrets of your favorite theme park, kick back at a luxury resort, or head out on an action-packed safari, I've got the expertise and experience you need to plan your perfect vacation.

“The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievements but rather with the things we do for the people we love and esteem.”

Walt Disney

Why Magical Moments

Why Magical Moments Vacations

Magical Moments Vacations is not a "big box" store, and you are not just another client. We treat your vacation as our own.
We look forward to forming lasting relationships for years to come with our clients, based on trust, and excellent service. 

A Note From Heidi

Meet Heidi

I fell in love with traveling and visiting theme parks at a young age. ​I've always adored exploring, and I've always been enchanted by the magic of theme parks!

I have countless cherished memories from years of treks and adventures, and after seeing so many wonderful sights, I wanted to pay my happiness forward, and help more families experience the joys of travel.​

Every trip I plan is a labor of love. I work hard to design delightful, fun-filled getaways, and to exceed all your expectations.

I hope your trip fills you with happiness, and most of all: I hope you enjoy some truly magical moments.  

- Heidi  Sleiman

Love for Magical Moments Vacations by Heidi


"Heidi was absolutely amazing before, during and after our trip to Disney World. I’ll never go on a vacation there without using her again. She goes above and beyond and made our trip magical every step of the way. Thank you Heidi, you’re an absolute treasure!"

Hillary  |  January 2018

Heidi Sleiman has a gift for planning the very BEST vacation! She understands her clients and is able to plan the Disney vacation that will best suit their needs. We had such a great vacation and look forward to the trip she is planning for us this Fall!"

Bonnie  |  April 2017

"Heidi planned the perfect trip for my family to Disneyland! We have been to Disneyland before, but Heidi made our trip seamless by arranging flights, transportation, hotel and giving us up-to-the minute Disney insider info prior to the trip! Thank you!"

Elisabeth  |  June 2018

"Heidi was wonderful from the beginning to the end of our trip. She planned the entire trip and didn't leave out any detail. From the laminated itinerary, to pins for the kids to planning the entire trip. I wish I can have Heidi plan all my family vacations. I definitely recommend her!"

Laura  |  April 2018

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